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    What does it mean to dream of hiding a corpse?

    What does it mean to dream of hiding a corpse?

    What does it mean to dream of hiding a corpse?

    Dreaming of having to hide corpses - what does it mean? ... When in a dream you try to hide something and you are agitated for the fear that someone will discover you, (in your dream you had to hide the corpses) it means that you probably have secrets, modesty, delusions, which you do not want are discovered.

    What does it mean to dream of an airplane?

    In dreams the dream plane can be interpreted with a symbolism in terms of evasion, decisions and projects in the short, medium, long term. This dream vision can also represent the desire or the need to speed up the timing of something that concerns you.

    What does it mean to dream of losing money?

    Contrary to all this, dreaming of losing money has, instead, a negative meaning: it could symbolize the loss of happiness, a sense of emptiness and failure that can be attributable to different areas, a situation in which it will be necessary to have great strength to get up and get back on your feet ...

    What does it mean to dream of being hospitalized?

    But usually, being admitted to a hospital means that we are going through a very difficult time and we need a period of treatment to be able to regain strength and heal. ... Dreaming of hospitalization: hospitalization symbolizes the need to recover and recover our energies.

    What does it mean to dream of paying?

    Dreaming of paying a bill could herald unpleasant news. If, on the other hand, we dream of paying a debt, it is a good omen, which gives hope for business improvement or new business contacts.

    What does it mean to dream of guns?

    Dreaming of a gun represents fear, aggression, anger, and potential danger. The gun is an opportunity to use your power to defend yourself from the world. However, it can also indicate your short temper in the face of obstacles.

    What number does the gun make?

    If, on the other hand, you dream of shooting someone in the first person, the lotto numbers to bet on are 70 and 72. Finally, the gun corresponds to the number 76.

    What does it mean when you dream of missing a train?

    Dreaming of missing the train, in fact, or waiting for it in vain, is much more common than expected. Especially in Western culture. ... This is how this type of dreams reflect the anxiety of failing in a certain task. But also the fear of not knowing how to take advantage of the opportunities that arrive.

    What number does the train make in the grimace?

    The train symbol: the number to be played for the lotto and other extractions according to the cabal or the grimace is the number: 4; arriving: 82; departing: 40; in the tunnel: 56; stationary: 90; crowded: 60; empty: 37; goods: 42; luxury: 17; steam: 29; electric: 80; that derails: 8; get on the train: 22; get off the train ...
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