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    What does it mean to be biased?

    What does it mean to be biased?

    What does it mean to be biased?

    It is synonymous with factious, a little more colloquial. The one who "is biased" is unable to be objective and therefore is not in a position to make a neutral judgment.

    What do you say to be biased in English?

    I'm biased, I'm taking sides expr.

    What is the opposite of parts?

    Other opposites: stay, stay, arrive, return, moor, settle.

    What does it mean to enter graces?

    someone, grant him your favor; to be in someone's favor, to enjoy his favor, to be liked by him (the opposite, to be in disgrace); to find grace with someone, to enter into someone's grace or graces, to be pleasing to him.

    What departs?

    intr. pron. To go away, to go away from a place, to separate from a person by leaving: and so saying, without returning there he left (Boccaccio); or also, to move away definitively from the earth, from men, that is, to die (cf.

    What does it mean to be pardoned?

    Miraculously heal or save, and in the passive, be pardoned, obtain healing or other extraordinary grace from heaven.

    What are graces?

    The Graces (in Latin Gratiae) are goddesses in Roman religion (Roman mythology), a Latin replica of the Greek Charites (in ancient Greek Χάριτες Chàrites). ... They are also the goddesses of joie de vivre and instill the joy of Nature in the hearts of gods and mortals.

    What departs from the trunk?

    All crossword answers for: Departing from the trunk
    DefinitionSolutionN. easier
    It departs from the trunkISERE5
    It departs from the trunkSUM5
    It departs from the trunkVOSGI5
    It departs from the trunkCANTAL6
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