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    What does it mean of non-univocal interpretation?

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    What does it mean of non-univocal interpretation?

    What does it mean of non-univocal interpretation?

    Which has a single and well-defined meaning, and can only be interpreted in one way (opposite of equivocation and also of ambiguous): the scientific terms must be u; a u sentence; a passage that is not interpreted in a u way.

    What does uniqueness mean?

    - The fact, the condition of being univocal, of being able to be interpreted in one sense only and therefore not causing ambiguity: u. of a term, of an affirmation; u. of a command; in mathematics, u. ... - [being univocal] ↔ ambiguity, equivocity, plurivocity.

    How to tell if an application is linear?

    An application f: V → W is called k – linear if: (AL1) for each v1, v2 ∈ V we have f (v1 + v2) = f (v1) + f (v2); (AL2) for every α ∈ k and v ∈ V we have f (αv) = αf (v). If the field is evident, we simply speak of linear application.

    What is a concept in philosophy?

    concept In ancient philosophy the c. (as λόγος) indicates the essence, what remains stable beyond the mutability of the sensible datum and the multiplicity of appearances, the authentic and immutable reality.

    What does online exclusive mean?

    With sign. wider, have the e. of a piece of news, from a newspaper, and publish an exclusive piece of news, publish it by drawing on their own particular sources which other newspapers or periodicals cannot draw on; analogam., grant an interview in e .; publish in and.

    What does it mean to have the exclusivity of a product?

    Through exclusive representation, an entrepreneur obtains the exclusive right to sell a product. ... For the exclusive representative, the goal is to obtain a competitive advantage, either through the exclusivity of a product on a certain territory or through the definition of the time frame.

    How to check the Surjectivity of a linear application?

    1. The linear application f is injective if and only if the size of the core is equal to zero. ...
    2. The linear application f is surjective if and only if the size of the image is equal to the size of the target vector space W. ...
    3. When is linear application bijective?
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