What does it mean madly?

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What does it mean madly?

What does it mean madly?

of perhaps "out" and sen "senno"]. - 1. Who has lost his mind: frenzied and hot with wine (G. Villani); it is said above all of those who, being out of themselves, freak out or act in a violent, furious way: Forsennata barked like a dog (Dante); F.

Who were the madmen?

Etymology from the old French: forsener composed of fors out and hindsight. The madman is not just a madman; its strongest connotation is the frenzy, the great agitation: the out of mind that craves furiously.

What is the opposite of frenzied?

[who has gone out of his mind, said above all of those who freak out or act in a violent way: Forsennata barked yes like a dog (Dante)] crazy. ↔ sensible, judicious, in itself, wise.

What is slimy?

Which is, on the surface, moist and mushy, slippery or even slippery: the skin v.

What is the synonym for hovered?

[of wind, blow lightly] ≈ breathe, breathe. b. (fig.) [barely manifesting: a strange atmosphere hovered in the house] ≈ meander, expire.

What is the opposite of slimy?

≈ ambiguous, double, elusive, devious, greasy. ↔ clear, frank, frank, sincere.

How does a slimy person behave?

fig. Referred to people, devious, elusive, especially in the way of acting and speaking: it is an individual v. and greasy, I can't stand it.

What can be intangible?

- Of a body or substance which, due to its subtlety and tenuity, is not palpable, that is, that escapes the touch: a veil i .; ash, dust, flour, sand, impalpable talc. Avv. ... [escaping the perception of touch] ≈ immaterial, imperceptible, incorporeal, intangible. ↔ palpable, perceptible, tangible ....
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