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    What does it mean in gear?

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    What does it mean in gear?

    What does it mean in gear?

    It's like changing gear: you have to put it in neutral before engaging the highest gear. "

    What does grafted eggplant mean?

    Grafting a plant means inserting a branch taken from a commercially valid variety plant, called nesto, on the trunk of another not very productive but very rustic one. ... The two parts, initially separated, are brought together and quickly form a single body.

    How much does a grafted eggplant plant produce?

    Each plant of this grafted eggplant variety can produce an average of 4-5 kg ​​of fruit. The pulp has few seeds and in cooking it is mainly used for fried foods, rolls or eggplant parmigiana.

    What does it mean by grafting?

    In uses fig., Inserting one thing into another, one topic into another, etc .: Boiardo has grafted motifs from the Breton cycle into the Carolingian epic tradition.

    How to prune grafted eggplant?

    The aubergine plants fork into two branches starting from 20-25 cm. If you leave these two branches uncontrolled, they fork in turn and so on, which is not good: there are too many branches, the plant will waste much more energy to support them all.

    Which plants should be grafted?

    The best time to graft
    Species to be graftedGrafting period
    ChestnutMay and June
    Citrus fruitsfrom April to June
    Almond treeApril-June

    How to thin the aubergines?

    As mentioned, the removal of the eggplant plant is carried out at the beginning of the vegetative cycle. However, you can also intervene later, with cuts that aim to rejuvenate the plant. For example, from time to time the older and more damaged branches can be removed, leaving the young ones with new flowers.

    How to trim the aubergines?

    In case you want to remove the peel, use a potato peeler or a knife and cut the peel holding the aubergine with the narrower end facing upwards and removing the peel from top to bottom 5, until the aubergine does not will be totally peeled 6.
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