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    What does Inps practice mean?

    What does Inps practice mean?

    What does Inps practice mean?

    If by clicking on the Naspi question, its result is in stock, it means that the INPS: has not yet taken charge of the file, which is suspended, awaiting further documentation or awaiting an electronic submission of the Uniemens forms, from part of the employer.

    What does stock practice mean?

    When a pension application is In Stock it means that it has not yet been taken into consideration and in this case it is possible to send a reminder to the INPS itself to check the status of the practice or go with the protocol number of the pension application and all the documentation. to the INPS headquarters in ...

    What does a dormant pension mean?

    After submitting the pension application, INPS must verify the existence of the requirements before liquidating the pension and this requires processing. However, if your pension application is in stock, it means that it has not yet been examined.

    How to request an INPS file?

    To use the InpsRisponde service, simply access the institutional website of the Social Security Institute and choose the item relating to the service and, once the reminder has been made, the service will send the relative response by e-mail to the address indicated at the time of entering personal data. .

    How to see the outcome of the INPS application?

    The Institute also sends an SMS inviting you to check the outcome in the MyINPS section, by consulting the online letter. The outcome note is always available within the online Mailbox service which can be accessed from the MyINPS personal area or directly from the site.

    What does demand rewind in process mean?

    It simply means that your application has been correctly received by INPS but is still waiting to be processed. The meaning would therefore be "in progress".

    What does it mean Pension application in progress?

    If your request is being processed, it means that INPS is verifying all the requirements and the Institute will provide an outcome of the application as soon as possible.

    How do I know where my unemployment application is?

    If you have submitted the Naspi application and 30 days have passed from the date of presentation of the Naspi, to check the status of the unemployment application, access the INPS website. Write in the bar circles services: income support services and press on search - Then access the INPS online service.
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