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    What does immovable order number mean in 730?

    What does immovable order number mean in 730?

    What does immovable order number mean in 730?

    The order number of the property to be entered is a progressive number to identify the property subject to the renovation. In practice, if you have to indicate only the condominium renovation interventions, you will have to enter the number 1, and report this indication also in the next frame.

    Where to insert restructuring deductions in the pre-filled 730?

    In section III A of part E in lines from E41 to E43 of the pre-filled form 730/2021 it is possible to report the expenses for renovations carried out from 26 June 2012 to 31 December 2020. The deduction is 50% for a maximum ceiling of expense of 96 thousand euros.

    Where to insert air conditioner costs in 730 2019?

    I confirm that the purchase of an air conditioner with heat pump guarantees the right to the personal income tax deduction of 50%. It is important that the transfer was made in the form of the so-called talking bank transfer. When compiling Form 730/2019, the sum spent must be indicated in line 41.

    How to download restructuring expenses?

    The taxpayer can deduct part of the expenses incurred to renovate their home or the common parts of residential buildings from the income tax, equal to: 50% of the expenses (transfers made) up to 31 December 2020, with a maximum ceiling of 96.000 euros for each property.

    Where to print the 730 model?

    Starting from April 30, it is possible to view and print your declaration in the authenticated area of ​​the Revenue Agency website.
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