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    What does hypotactic and paratactic structure mean?

    What does hypotactic and paratactic structure mean?

    What does hypotactic and paratactic structure mean?

    The typical period is represented by the set of a proposition (v.) ... The period can be classified according to the nature of the propositions that compose it. "Paratactic" is one made up of principal coordinated propositions, "hypotactic" one composed of principal and dependent propositions.

    What effects does Hypotactic syntax produce?

    It is used to tell facts and circumstances with immediacy and speed. The hypotactic (or cohesive) style is certainly elegant, but also more involved and tends to slow down the pace of speech. It requires a great linguistic command and is often used to argue a thesis or to conduct a proof.

    What does paratactic structure mean?

    Usually we speak of parataxis when the period is constructed with only main (independent) sentences. However, a period can also be considered paratactic in which different subordinates of the same order, coordinated with each other, depend on a principal.

    How to recognize parataxis and hypotxis?

    In the parataxis the propositions are all placed on the same level, without an internal hierarchy, while in the hypothesis, more subordinates depend on a main proposition.

    What does Hypotactic syntax mean?

    Hypotactic: the hypotactic syntax presents periods in which subordinate sentences abound (causal, temporal, relative, final, etc.).

    What is asindeto and polisindeto?

    The polysyndetic is the listing of terms in the same sentence or the coordination of several propositions with the repetition of the conjunction. ... The polysyndetic produces a slowing and dilating effect, unlike the asindeto which, on the other hand, makes the text fast and pressing.

    Which syntactic construction prevails?

    When a text is mainly composed of coordinated sentences, it is called paratactic. Parataxis is therefore the kind of syntactic structure in which coordination prevails. The paratactic style is more incisive and gives a fast and urgent pace to the speech. ...

    What does flat syntax mean?

    Simple and flat syntax means few incidents and few subordinates. The related 'cluster', the phrases that open one inside the other, cannot be read on the Internet. "

    How to distinguish parataxis and hypotactic?

    Parataxis is an order where single sentences are joined by coordination, that is, with simple conjunctions or punctuation. ... Hypotaxis is the exact opposite: compound conjunctions are used and the period can be longer.
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