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    What does hypercaptation mean?

    What does hypercaptation mean?

    What does hypercaptation mean?

    Hypercaptant (uptake of the nodule greater than the surrounding thyroid tissue) Isocaptive or "lukewarm" (nodular uptake equal to the surrounding thyroid tissue) Hypocaptant (less nodular uptake than the surrounding thyroid tissue).

    What does SUV mean in PET?

    A retrospective study suggests that the maximum standardized uptake value (SUVmax) in 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography (FDG-PET) of primary tumors is associated with disease risk. ...

    What does choline PET show?

    The use of PET-CT with Fluorocholine (18F-Choline) can help doctors detect possible sites of recurrence and / or metastases in the prostate that more conventional imaging tests cannot identify. The radiopharmaceutical is injected intravenously.

    When is thyroid scintigraphy done?

    Answer - According to the guidelines, scintigraphy should only be performed if the TSH value is lower than normal, as it serves to assess whether a nodule is autonomous, that is, it works excessively by taking command of the entire thyroid itself.

    What does it mean when PET is positive?

    A positive PET does not necessarily mean a tumor but only that in that area there are activated cells; even in pneumonia or tuberculosis strong positivity is recorded, without however these being neoplastic conditions.

    How do bone metastases manifest?

    The main symptoms of bone metastases can strongly affect the patient's quality of life and are represented by:
    1. Bone pain.
    2. Bone fractures.
    3. Bone weakness.
    4. Anemia.
    5. Hypercalcemia.
    6. Compression of the spinal cord.
    7. Urinary and fecal incontinence.

    What does metabolic activity indicate?

    Evaluating metabolic activity means determining how active a cell is: cancer cells generally have a higher activity, i.e. a faster metabolism, than normal cells from which they can therefore be distinguished.

    What does secondary injury mean?

    Secondary damage occurs from the moment of injury to a few days after the traumatic event. Trauma causes a significant change in the anatomical, physiological, vascular and biochemical state of the brain.

    What does global body tomoscintigraphy mean?

    It is a medical technique that allows a substance previously administered to the patient (radiopharmaceutical) to be precisely located within the body's organs.

    What to do after a thyroid scan?

    At the end of the scintigraphy the patient can immediately resume his usual activities, without particular precautions; the doctor can still invite him to drink more fluids than usual to facilitate the elimination of the radiopharmaceutical; after using the toilet it is a good idea to let the water run abundantly and ...

    What does hot or cold lump mean?

    Nodules in which iodine uptake is greater than that of normal tissue are called warm nodules; those, on the other hand, in which uptake is lower or absent are defined as cold nodules.

    When is PET negative?

    A negative PET investigation is able to correctly identify which patients to refer to the oncologist surgeon and which not, avoiding them this extremely invasive procedure.

    When is PET prescribed?

    Primarily, positron emission tomography used to confirm a tumor diagnosis or evaluate the efficacy of cancer therapy. PET is particularly useful for understanding: If and where a tumor has developed; If the cancer has spread or spread to sites other than those already known.

    How much does a tumor grow in a year?

    Malignant lesions typically have a doubling time in size of between one month and one year; therefore, a lump that doubles in size in less than a month, or that has remained stable in size for more than 1-2 years, is more likely benign.

    How are liver injuries treated?

    Liver lesions often heal without treatment, while surgery is sometimes required to repair the lesion or remove part of the liver.

    What are secondary liver injuries?

    The term "liver metastases" or "secondary liver disorders" are defined as secondary tumors of the liver. They are "secondary" because they originate in organs other than the liver and are transferred secondarily to the liver.

    What does global PET mean?

    The global body PET / CT offers in a single diagnostic examination a complete clinical picture, giving information on the nature of the tumor, the stage of the disease or its evolution.

    Who can't do PET?

    The examination has an absolute contraindication for pregnant or lactating women.
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