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    What does F mean in chat?

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    What does F mean in chat?

    What does F mean in chat?

    "F" is a symbol to indicate displeasure in online or live chats. It is used during uncomfortable or sad situations.

    Why F in the comments?

    F: from the catchphrase born in the gaming world "press F to pay respect" ("Press F to pay homage"), is used in response to a news, an event, a novelty that is seriously or ironically dramatic.

    What does F stand for in games?

    Wherever you search the Internet for something that has gone wrong, like a game that has been canceled or someone who has gone through some sort of tragedy, the letter "F" is probably nearby. This means respects have been paid Call of Duty style.

    What does F mean in the dictionary?

     Most common uses of the letter as an abbreviation or symbol: in the lowercase dotted form, it is abbrev., In dictionaries and other linguistic works, of feminine (gender); without dot, is abbreviated, in music, for the strong caption which prescribes a performance with considerable intensity of sound (while ff or fff is equivalent to «...

    What does OMG mean in chat?

    Oh My God. Oh my God. An expression of now universal use in English and all over the world to indicate awe and wonder.

    What is meant by AW?

    oh!, wow!
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