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    What does emisacralization mean?

    What does emisacralization mean?

    What does emisacralization mean?

    hemisacralization Anomaly of the lumbar spine consisting in the fusion of one half of the fifth lumbar vertebra with the sacrum.

    Where is the L5 vertebra located?

    The lumbar vertebra L5 is the protagonist of the important joint that joins the lumbar tract to the sacral tract of the vertebral column; the sacral tract of the spine is made up of vertebrae (the sacral vertebrae) that are fused together, forming a unique structure known as the sacrum.

    What does the crushing of a vertebra involve?

    Vertebral crush is caused by an injury to a vertebra due to a blockage. Some causes can be: Overexertion: lifting a weight and almost immediately hearing a "snap". It is one of the most common causes.

    What are the lumbar metamers?

    The Metamers: what are they? The term metamers identifies horizontal bands along the spine, excluding the cervical, which involve two vertebrae each, so to speak, every two vertebrae we identify a metamer.

    What can be done about disc disease?

    Initially, the treatment should be limited to conservative treatment with:
    • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs (cortisones and non-cortisones).
    • Muscle relaxants administered topically, orally, intramuscularly or intradermally (Mesotherapy).
    • Local infiltrative therapy (Ozone therapy).

    How is a crushed vertebrae treated?

    When crushing occurs in the lumbar area, a treatment with magnetotherapy using lumbar bands can be effective. If the crush originates in the cervical area, a cervical traction collar can be used to relieve pressure on the vertebrae.

    How is lumbar spondylosis treated?

    Generally it begins with drug therapy and phytotherapy (massages, functional and postural gymnastics, swimming and stretching exercises). In the most serious cases, surgery is carried out which does not allow to recover the lost functions but is essential to block the progression of the disease.

    How is degenerative disc disease treated?

    Surgical therapy In practice, the surgical treatment of degenerative disc disease consists of a procedure called discectomy, which involves the removal of a damaged or no longer functional intervertebral disc, followed by its replacement with a sort of prosthesis.
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