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    What does Contrast Enhancement mean?

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    What does Contrast Enhancement mean?

    What does Contrast Enhancement mean?

    The term indicates the "taking" of contrast by a pathological tissue. ... This term is generally associated with contrast enhancement, the acronym ce which means increased contrast, which should occur in an area provided with vessels after administration of the contrast agent.

    What does Contrastography mean?

    contrastgraphy Radiological method that exploits the administration (by mouth, by vein, by enema, through catheters) of a contrast medium, in order to obtain the visualization of a specific sector, through the difference in adjacent densities present in the images.

    What does the contrast medium contain?

    What is the contrast agent used for? The fundamental element on which the contrast medium used in magnetic resonance is based is constituted by Gadolinium. This element, which is bound to particular molecules, allows to increase the signal strength of some tissues after its infusion.
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