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    What does Chiara Ferragni's symbol mean?

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    What does Chiara Ferragni's symbol mean?

    What does Chiara Ferragni's symbol mean?

    But what is the meaning of Chiara Ferragni's logo? ... The story of the eye-shaped logo is simple, it is the representation of the eye of Chiara Ferragni herself, the color of the influencer's eyes is in fact an intense blue very similar to that of the logo.

    What does Chiara Ferragni like to do?

    5 - Passions - Chiara has many. Fashion, travel and photography, she took from her mother. She loves musicals and especially Grease. Her favorite movie is "Dumb and Dumber" and the TV series "Friends".

    Who dresses Chiara Ferragni?

    Among his favorites, Gucci, Fendi, Prada and Versace. In addition to her own brand, Chiara Ferragni: marketing is in her DNA.

    What did Chiara Ferragni do?

    Chiara Ferragni began her career as a blogger and influencer with The Blonde Salad. Today she too has become a successful entrepreneur, first thanks to several collaborations as a designer with world-famous brands, then with the creation of her own fashion brands.
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