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    What does body 1 mean?

    What does body 1 mean?

    What does body 1 mean?

    cos (1) indicates the cosine of 1 degree and is worth about 0,9998. cos (1) is not among the notable values ​​of the goniometric functions and the only way to calculate the value is to use the calculator.

    What is the value of Pi?

    it is not a physical or natural constant, but a mathematical constant defined in an abstract way, independent of physical measures. truncated to the 100th decimal place: 3,1411 70679.

    How to use cos 1?

    Arc cosine function of a number or expression. After typing the number or expression containing the number inside a parenthesis, just press the cos-1 key. If the calculator is set to radians, it is necessary to convert degrees-radians.

    How to calculate the sin?

    The Sinus (abbreviated to sen, or sin) is the relationship existing between the cathetus opposite the angle and the hypotenuse. It is obtained by dividing both values.
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