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    What does Blue benefits mean?

    What does Blue benefits mean?

    What does Blue benefits mean?

    Blue Benefits is a season pass that offers you discounts on airline tickets and luggage for one year, for you, your family and friends. This subscription can only be purchased by purchasing an airline ticket and guarantees instant discount application.

    How can I check in online on Blue Air?

    How to check in online with Blue Air
    1. Go to the official Blue Air website,
    2. From the "Services" item in the top menu, choose "check in online"
    3. Fill in the fields of Option 2, in particular: ...
    4. Click on View, choose your route and complete the wizard.

    How to insert a Blue Air voucher?

    In theory, the voucher or vouchers should be uploaded to the "Blue Air Wallet", a virtual wallet from which to draw as you want to book a new flight, "but the users involved reported having logged into their account without encountering no credit ".

    How to cancel Blue Air ticket?

    2. My flight has been canceled, what solutions do I have? You can change the date of your flight on the same itinerary, free of charge, by accessing the official Blue Air page in the Booking Status section.

    Why doesn't Blue Air let me check in online?

    Blue Air online check-in is very simple, the only drawback is that often, for reasons of security and organization, the Blue Air company does not allow online check-in for flights departing from the airports of Bologna, Constanta, Dublin, Naples and Stuttgart.
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