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    What does bilateral hilar accentuation mean?

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    What does bilateral hilar accentuation mean?

    What does bilateral hilar accentuation mean?

    the accentuation of the pulmonary pattern is a finding frequently found in a chest X-ray, but it is generally not of clinical relevance: it is simply bronchi and pulmonary vessels that take on a particular contrast to X-rays, compared to the aerial component.

    What does hilarious traffic jam mean?

    what is described as hilar "enlargement" or "thickening" is an increase in the volume and / or radiological density of that part of the lung connected to the mediastinal structures (trachea, large arterial and venous vessels).

    What does accentuation of the broncho-vascular texture mean?

    To avoid this phrase, which has no clinical meaning, it should be remembered that in radiological anatomy the broncho-vascular design (or plot) is represented by the set of bronchi, pulmonary arteries that run parallel to the airways (sign of the ) and from the central interstice ...

    What does ilo mean?

    The hilum (from the Latin hilum, porta) is a small hollow or cavity in an organ from which vessels, nerves and ducts enter or leave. Septa and trabeculae often branch off from the hilum and arrange themselves around the vascular-nervous tree of the organ in question.
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