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    What does Beta 1 mean?

    What does Beta 1 mean?

    What does Beta 1 mean?

    General The beta globulins are a group of globular proteins; the determination of their plasma concentration provides useful information on the general state of health and, in particular, supports the diagnosis of various conditions.

    What are blood proteins?

    What are blood proteins? Blood proteins are those found in the liquid part of the blood, the plasma. For this reason, they are also referred to as plasma proteins. These are divided into two major classes: albumin and globulins.

    When are the ranges low?

    What if the opposite occurs, i.e. the gamma glutamyl transpeptidase value is low? The low value simply indicates that our liver is fine, and there is nothing we need to worry about. The low indicator tells us that our liver is healthy and that we can rest easy.

    What does it mean to have high betas?

    High concentrations of beta-hCG in the blood may indicate the presence of certain pathological conditions, such as gestational trophoblastic disease or some benign and malignant tumors of the ovary, testis and liver.

    What does it mean to have high total protein?

    Consistently elevated total serum protein levels may indicate inflammatory tumors, dehydration, chronic kidney and liver disease. Conversely, low serum total protein levels may suggest malnutrition, celiac disease, nephrotic syndrome, or congestive heart failure.

    What does it mean to have high proteins in the blood?

    A high protein value is usually detected in the case of inflammatory states (resulting from HIV, hepatitis B / C, multiple myeloma, ...).

    When is IgM low?

    The classes of immunoglobulins are: Immunoglobulin M (IgM) - are produced when the body first responds to a new infection or to a new foreign antigen, providing short-term protection. The IgM concentration increases for a few weeks and then decreases as IgG production begins.

    What do low gamma globulins mean?

    The decrease in its percentage or quantity indicates a reduced production of antibodies, mostly due to the absence of stimuli (bacteria) and not caused by diseases. It can, therefore, be interpreted as an indication of good health.
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