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    What does Antiversoflex uterus mean?

    What does Antiversoflex uterus mean?

    What does Antiversoflex uterus mean?

    The antiverse uterus is a pathological condition that determines an excessive inclination of the uterus towards the abdominal section. Generally, the antiverse uterus is completely asymptomatic and is configured as a genetic feature.

    What does Antiverse mean?

    The antiverse uterus is the anomaly of the uterus characterized by an excessive forward inclination towards the abdomen of the entire organ in question. For those skilled in the art, the uterus is anteverted when it forms at least an angle of approximately 90 ° (right angle) with the axis of the vagina.

    How many types of uterus are there?

    Simplifying the concepts as much as possible, we can therefore talk about:
    • retroflex uterus: instead of towards the abdomen, the uterus is tilted towards the back.
    • retroverted uterus: the angle between the cervix and the vagina is greater than 90 degrees.

    What does fibromatosis mean?

    Fibromatosis is a particular medical condition characterized by the presence of benign tumors, called fibroids, which originate from the cells of the subcutaneous connective tissues or the dermis.

    How is fibromatosis treated?

    Surgery can be performed hysteroscopically, laparoscopically or laparotomically (the classic cut on the pelvis), as appropriate. Sometimes the uterus can be removed vaginally.
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