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    What does a loose cannon mean?

    What does a loose cannon mean?

    What does a loose cannon mean?

    In the political language. and journalistic is sometimes used, in a fig. sense, the expression loose cannon, to indicate a fact, a situation, a problem that represents a latent threat, and that can suddenly become more acute, upsetting the existing equilibrium: the question of building abuses represents a m.

    What does the name Mina mean?

    It is the diminutive of names ending in -mina such as Guglielmina or Gelsomina, but it is also considered a name of Indian origin derived from Meenakshi, whose meaning is "beautiful eyes in the shape of a fish". Finally it could have Persian origin and mean "blue" or "pearl".

    What does the verb undermine mean?

    To undermine, undermine, try to weaken or ruin with subtle ways: m. a person's reputation; m.

    What does the term vacant mean?

    Of building, apartment, office location, etc., not occupied, free, available: the Palazzo Chigi office, left v.

    What does wandering spell mean?

    CO joke, person who, spec. due to its unpredictable behavior, it poses a threat.

    What does wandering animals mean?

    It requires slowing down or stopping (and not ringing) if animals cross the road, scare or do not move.

    When is Santa Nina celebrated?

    December 15 NINA / NINO The name has Hebrew origin and means "beautiful". Nina celebrates the name day on December 15th in memory of Saint Nina who was martyred in Georgia in the XNUMXth century.

    What does it mean to undermine in Sicilian?

    Mix, stir, stir. Lat. to-re-undermine.

    What does it mean to undermine a person?

    - Tending traps, trying to lure someone into a trap, to reduce him by deception or surprise in our power, to cause him material or moral damage secretly: scattered elements of the enemy army threatened our departments; he was being hunted by false friends. More often with complement of what: i.

    What does job vacancy mean?

    [va-càn-te] adj. Office, without holder, not occupied: post v .; chair v.

    What does vacant seat mean?

    The vacant see (in Latin: Sedes vacans) is the period that occurs when a diocese or a particular Church is left without a guide, that is, when the bishop in office fails. ... A particular case is when the Apostolic See (the Holy See) is vacant.

    What does it mean to be numb?

    With sign. passive, which escapes the perception of the senses, imperceptible; mostly in an extended sense, of something which, being very small, weak, slow, etc., is hardly noticeable or noticeable: with movement i .; an i.

    What does wandering spell mean?

    CO joke, person who, spec. due to its unpredictable behavior, it poses a threat.

    How many warning signs are there?

    In the case of the danger sign it is very easy to recognize it. It is, in fact, a triangular-shaped signal with one of the vertices upwards, with a white or yellow background and a red border, like those shown in the photo below.

    When is the name day Nadia celebrated?

    first of November Nameday. The name day can be celebrated on the first of November, the feast of All Saints, as there are no saints with this name which is therefore adepot.

    What does it mean to mine bitcoin?

    Mining derives from the English term "to mine" that is to extract, but focused on cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Mining therefore refers to their extraction process. ... So Mining Bitcoin means getting BTC generated from the network and distributed online.
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