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    What do you say groin or groin?

    What do you say groin or groin?

    What do you say groin or groin?

    The correct spelling is in fact "in the groin". Because that is what it is: the «front part of the body, corresponding to the junction between the trunk and the limbs» (Sabatini Collettini dictionary). While linguìne, plural of linguìna, are - as is well known - a «flat and long pasta».

    How many groins do we have?

    The groin, the anatomical region between the thigh and abdomen, is only one per person.

    How do you spell pasta linguine?

    With “linguine”, a plural feminine noun, we mean a type of pasta with an elongated shape, similar to spaghetti, very suitable for fish sauces.

    How is groin pain treated?

    What are the possible remedies? What to do and how to set up a cure in the case of inguinal inflammation?
    1. Rest.
    2. Abstention from sporting activity: try not to do any kind of sport for at least 2 weeks.
    3. Putting ice in the sore groin area.

    How is the groin made?

    The groin is made up of two structures: Inguinal canal, or "inguinal path", which runs obliquely, downwards, from the side towards the meian region and from back to front. The spermatic cord and the round ligament of the uterus run through it. Inguinal ligament.
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