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    What do you say Greeks or Greeks?

    What do you say Greeks or Greeks?

    What do you say Greeks or Greeks?

    The masculine plural of "Greek" is "GREEK", not "Greeks". The feminine plural is "GREEK".

    What are Kalamata olives like?

    They are squat almond-shaped olives, dark in color (tending to purple), obtained from a tree that differs from the normal olive tree by the shape of its leaves, which are twice the size of those of other varieties.

    What to buy in Kos?

    Kos Town is full of shops, where superb artifacts and typical products can be purchased: ceramics, obsidian sculptures, the stone present on the island, jewels and various antiques. Also not to be missed is ouzo, the famous Greek liqueur.

    How do you say Greeks in the plural?

    Noun, inflected formEdit

    How to store Kalamata olives?

    At the end, rinse the olives well under running water, remove the other foods, and place them in an airtight container in which they can be kept for several months.

    What are Greek olives?

    • -20% Whole Kalamata olives - 250g. Lucius. ...
    • -20% Kalamata Intere Olive - 250g. Ilida. ...
    • -20% Olive verdi halkidiki - 250g. ...
    • -15% Kalamata olive pate - 185g. ...
    • -20% Olive verdi Agrinio - 250g. ...
    • -20% Olive nere in Amfi - 250g. ...
    • -20% Green olives with orange peel - 250g - Lucius. ...
    • -5% Olive Kalamata in latta - 250g.
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