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    What do you eat with vitello tonnato?

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    What do you eat with vitello tonnato?

    What do you eat with vitello tonnato?

    Here are 5 side dishes to combine with veal with tuna sauce:
    1. Roman Puntarelle. Typical dish of Roman cuisine, puntarelle are a perfect side dish for vitello tonnato, because it shares a fundamental ingredient which is anchovies. ...
    2. Boiled asparagus. ...
    3. Stuffed courgette rolls. ...
    4. Red and yellow cherry tomatoes. ...
    5. Dandelion.

    What to combine with veal?

    Its delicate flavor lends itself not only to traditional dishes but also to daring combinations. In fact, it is perfect with vegetables, sauces, but also fresh fruit, dried fruit and even with fish. Here are tips and winning combinations to enjoy it to the fullest.

    Who invented the veal tuna?

    In more recent times, Carlo Cracco claims that the real vitel tonnè is not with mayonnaise but with tuna sauce, while chef Heinz Beck of La Pergola in Rome has inverted the two animals by creating the "calf tuna".
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