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    What do i pay on Intesa Sanpaolo account?

    What do i pay on Intesa Sanpaolo account?

    What do i pay on Intesa Sanpaolo account?

    The pagoPA electronic payment system allows citizens and businesses to make any payment to public administrations and public utility service providers electronically.

    How to jointly hold an Intesa Sanpaolo account?

    Co-holding an existing current account is very simple: just go to the bank or post office where it was opened with the new co-holder and deposit his signature. In online current accounts, the procedure is certainly leaner and faster.

    How to pay by phone with Intesa Sanpaolo?

    How can I pay with my smartphone on the POS of the stores? Open the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile app and enter the XME WALLET. Add the cards you want to use to Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. You can make purchases with a simple gesture from your smartphone.

    How to buy online with Intesa San Paolo?

    How it works
    1. enter your card details.
    2. follow the instructions of the push notification you receive on your smartphone.
    3. Confirmation with fingerprint, facial recognition or PIN.
    4. check the confirmation directly on the online store.

    How does PagoPA online work?

    The procedure for making an online payment with PagoPA is really very simple. In fact, all you have to do is enter your personal data, your e-mail address, the serial number of the document that you will have to pay and finally the identification code of the creditor public body.

    What documents do you need to open an Intesa San Paolo current account?

    They do not have to hold other accounts with the same bank, but they may have other accounts at other banks. What documents do I need to open the Basic Account? You need an identity document and tax code.

    How to pay QR code bills?

    Go to "Payments" and select "Make a payment", then choose "Bulletin" or "Bulletin CBILL / PagoPA"; Scan the QR Code * or the Data Matrix using the camera of your smartphone and confirm the operation.

    How to activate contactless payment?

    Some new cards need Chip and PIN insertion to activate the contactless option: if you have just received your new debit or credit card and you will need to activate it, the first time you use it you will be asked to enter Chip and PIN. This would ensure smooth browsing later on.

    How do i pay with pagoPA?

    Payments can be made:
    1. directly on the pagoPA website or on the institution's mobile application.
    2. at the bank's agencies.
    3. using the home banking of the PSPs (recognizable by the CBILL or pagoPA logos)
    4. at authorized ATMs of banks.
    5. at the SISAL, Lottomatica and Banca 5 points of sale.
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