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    What did Ibrahimovic say to Lukaku tonight?

    What did Ibrahimovic say to Lukaku tonight?

    What did Ibrahimovic say to Lukaku tonight?

    Meanwhile, Ibra continues to laugh in Lukaku's face, then repeatedly yells at him "Go to your mother", "Go to your mother". And then again: «Little donkey» «Little donkey». Romelu replies: «Fuck you and your wife ...». She then she looks at him and seems to say: "I'll wait for you outside."

    What did he say to Lukaku?

    "Chris, stay strong, I love you", or "Chris be strong, I love you" are the words spoken by Romelu Lukaku, striker of Inter and the Belgian national team after the goal of the momentary 1-0 scored against Russia. A message to his friend and teammate after the great scare of the afternoon.

    What did Ibra say to Maresca?

    The Swede was in fact expelled by the referee Maresca for a disrespectful sentence on which, according to what was filtered by the attacker himself, there could have been a misunderstanding. Ibra would have said "it seems strange to me" at the end of a protest for a foul not whistled and after an exchange with the referee.

    What did Ibra say to Romelu?

    The Swede intervenes from behind, mocking the former teammate and commenting: "Go to do your voodoo shit, call your mother", which more or less sounds like "go back to your voodoo shit, call yours mom".

    What did Lukaku and Donnarumma say to each other?

    Lukaku's gesture to Donnarumma: "Shut up!" But it does not end here because as soon as the 2-1 goal is made, the Inter center forward takes the ball, turns to the goalkeeper now ex Milan and puts his finger to his mouth and makes the gesture of "silence". An image that does not escape the cameras.

    What religion is Lukaku?

    Today the attacker's entourage made it known that Moshiri's claims are to be considered totally unfounded, as Lukaku is a very religious and Christian boy and would have had no reason to rely on a voodoo ritual to take some decisions.

    What did Zlatan say to Maresca?

    Di Marzio reveals the sentence of the Swede According to the reconstruction filtered by the player, in the end Ibra would have replied to Maresca “It seems strange to me that you don't care… (what I'm saying, ed)”. However, instead of 'It seems strange to me', the referee would have understood 'You are a bastard'.

    What did Ibra say to Maresca?

    A few more details emerge on the Ibrahimovic-Maresca confrontation that led to the expulsion of the Swede in the 60th minute of Parma-Milan. On the one hand, the version of the misunderstanding, filtered in the evening by Ibra himself, according to which the referee would have perceived the phrase "you are a bastard" instead of "it seems strange to me".

    What did Zlatan do?

    The Swedish striker was substituted during the match against Juventus due to an injury to his left knee. He hurt himself, leaning his leg badly in an attempt to control a ball contested by De Ligt in the middle of the field and immediately collapsed visibly in pain.
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