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    What can you do and not in the orange zone?

    What can you do and not in the orange zone?

    What can you do and not in the orange zone?

    Out of the ordinary movements: it is allowed to move within one's own municipality, but it is not allowed to move outside it. You can leave your municipality for these reasons: work, urgency, health, visiting relatives and friends, second homes and sporting activities.

    What is it possible to do in the mountains?

    Orange zone: you can go to the mountains (and what you can do) ... Sources of the Interior Ministry have confirmed to that "if there is no snow in your municipality, you can go to the mountains to practice sports such as skiing cross-country skiing, ski mountaineering and snowshoeing ".

    What is allowed in the orange zone?

    In the orange zone, movements are allowed only within one's own municipality, from 5 to 22 pm. self-certification.

    What can you do in the orange zone in Emilia Romagna?

    Orange area, the movements In this area you can move within your municipality from 5 in the morning to 10 in the evening, when the curfew is triggered. Movements to other Municipalities or Regions are allowed only for reasons of necessity, work, health.

    What can be done in the reinforced orange zone?

    What can be done and what not in the reinforced orange zone
    • School and University ...
    • The movements. ...
    • Second box. ...
    • Shops. ...
    • Bars and restaurants.
    • Hairdressers and beauty centers. ...
    • Parks. ...
    • Smart working in the Pa.

    What can you do in the mountains in winter?

    But the mountains in winter are not just skiing on the slopes, there are many other possibilities .... Index
    • Excursions with snowshoes.
    • Trekking on snowy paths.
    • Climb a via ferrata in winter.
    • He went down with the sled.
    • Cross country skiing.
    • Lunches or dinners at the refuge.
    • Photographing wild landscapes.
    • Starlight Room.

    What are the sports that can be done in the mountains?

    1. 1 - CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING. It is a sport suitable for men, women and even children and is practiced on a ground covered with a blanket of snow with a wavy shape. ...
    2. 2 - ALPINE SKIING. ...
    3. 3 - SKI MOUNTAINEERING. ...
    4. 4 – SNOWBOARD. ...
    5. 5 - ICE SKATING. ...
    6. 6 - ICE HOCKEY.

    What can you do in the orange area of ​​Tuscany?

    Tuscany returns to the orange zone, the rules: what can be done and ...
    • Movements. It is allowed to move within your municipality between 5.00 and 22.00. ...
    • School. Teaching in presence for preschools, elementary and middle schools. ...
    • Business. ...
    • Bars and restaurants.

    What can be done in Emilia Romagna from today?

    Emilia Romagna has been in the yellow zone since Monday. Governor Stefano Bonaccini made it official through a post on Facebook. The restaurant will start again for lunch and dinner, as long as it is outdoors. The main novelties include the reopening of cinemas, theaters, concert halls and live clubs.

    What can you do in the Orange Restaurants area?

    Restaurants and bars in the orange zone: how does it work? In the orange area, restaurants and bars are closed and only allow take away and take away. The bars close the take-away at 18pm and the restaurants at 22pm, when the curfew begins. There are no time restrictions for home delivery of food.

    What can you do in the dark orange zone?

    Moving around and leaving the house Contrary to what happens in the orange zone, in the dark orange areas, moving around is also prohibited within one's own municipality. Movements for work, necessity, health and return to home or residence remain possible.

    Where to go to the mountains in winter without skiing?

    10 mountain places where winter is magical even without skiing
    • Stack. We can consider Pila as an attic on Aosta, a city to which it is connected by a road and a cable car. ...
    • Mottarone. ...
    • Alpe di Siusi. ...
    • Abetone. ...
    • Laceno lake. ...
    • Campitello Matese. ...
    • Etna. ...
    • Livigno.

    Where to go to the mountains for non-skiers?

    Where to go to the mountains for non-skiers: places and what to do
    • Val di Fiemme - Trentino.
    • Madonnadi Campiglio - Trentino.
    • Innervillgraten - East Tyrol.
    • Alpe Cimbra - Trentino.
    • San Martino di Castrozza - Trentino.
    • San Vigilio di Marebbe - South Tyrol.

    What can you do in the mountains in the summer?

    Naturally, however, in the mountains, during the summer, activities can be carried out, ranging from simple walks to hiking, or trekking, from sports such as climbing or mountaineering, to canyoning or rafting. Mountain biking is also an excellent companion on summer mountain holidays.

    What to do in the mountains with children?

    Holidays: What to do in the mountains with children?
    • Visits to Alpine Pastures and Eco-sustainable Farms.
    • Water games at the lake.
    • Theme walks.
    • Adventure parks.
    • Museums and exhibitions.
    • Mountain Zoo.
    • Cycling routes for families.
    • Entertainment for children.

    How much will Tuscany remain orange?

    The restrictive measure until Saturday 17. The controversy breaks out. Florence, April 10, 2021 - From Monday April 12, Tuscany turns orange again, but only halfway through.
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