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    What can I open in a C2?

    What can I open in a C2?

    What can I open in a C2?

    Agricultural and non-agricultural barns, attics and cellars separated from the house are included in cadastral group C2 cadastre; those premises where the wholesale sale of goods, artifacts, products, foodstuffs, etc. is carried out. or only used to contain the latter, but which do not have set-ups for exhibitions (showcases).

    Who decides the cadastral category of the property?

    The cadastral class of a real estate unit is established by the Land Agency after the registration request or following the declaration of a new construction and urban variation.

    What can be done in the garage?

    What can be put and kept in the condominium garage
    • disused furniture;
    • bulky items that are no longer used, such as old toys, bookshelves, or even large ladders;
    • conserve;
    • materials, such as tiles, tiles, etc., which can be used for any spare parts.

    When can a box be considered relevance?

    A property is considered to belong to the main residence, with relative Imu exemption, if it meets the requirements of article 817 of the Civil Code: if it is owned by the same owner of the house and if it is registered in the Land Registry with category C / 2, C / 6 or C / 7. ...

    How is an evacuation room stacked?

    Cadastral category C2 is one of the most common and widespread cadastral categories. This category includes warehouses, storage rooms, barns, clearing rooms, such as cellars, attics, attics. In some cases it may be appurtenances of the home, in others instead of separate properties.

    How to understand if a property is pertinent?

    Cellars, garages, attics, or properties falling within the following cadastral categories are considered appurtenances of the house:
    1. C / 2, warehouses and storage rooms, cellars, ceilings, attics;
    2. C / 6, stables, stables, sheds, parking spaces, garages (non-profit);
    3. C / 7, closed or open canopies.

    How is the cadastral income of a C2 calculated?

    In the case of properties classified in the cadastral category C2, C6 and C7 which are not, however, appurtenances of residential properties, the cadastral value will be given by the cadastral income multiplied by 126 as in the case of second homes.
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