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    What are white dots on the lips?

    What are white dots on the lips?

    What are white dots on the lips?

    They can be a sign of a pathological condition (thrush extended to the lips, lip cancer, Herpes simplex blisters) or benign (Fordyce spots, due to an enlarged sebaceous glands, or milia, due to an entrapment of dead skin on the surface of the lip).

    How to cure a rash on the lips?

    How to cure cold sores For example, antiviral ointments, such as those based on acyclovir, to be applied on cold sores several times a day can be useful; alternatively, from the first moment of the manifestation you can use small patches to always put on herpes.

    Why are the lips dark?

    The presence of dark spots on the lips, also called sooty lips, lead to assume the presence of toxic infections or important forms of dehydration. Finally, purple (or blue) lips mostly identify a lack of oxygen in the blood or tissues (hypoxia).

    What is after the labia minora?

    In the female, the genital tubercle forms the clitoris, the labia minora originate from the urethral folds and the labia majora from the genital folds, the cloacal membrane perforates and gives rise to the vestibule.
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