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    What are Vodafone's digital services?

    What are Vodafone's digital services?

    What are Vodafone's digital services?

    Digital services are paid services, which allow you to enjoy digital content from your mobile phone, via SMS, MMS or from websites and applications. ... You can also access the service without it, just enter your Vodafone number in the appropriate field, together with the access PIN that will be sent to you via SMS.

    How to block subscription services?

    To deactivate the paid services on the mobile phone, you will have to call the customer service of the telephone operator and request the Barring SMS. It happens to receive SMS notifying the activation of premium subscriptions on the mobile phone without us having requested anything.

    What are premium services?

    The "Premium" or "content" Services are paid services that can be provided via SMS, MMS or via mobile network data connection by charging the remaining credit or in the invoice for mobile services. The method of pricing varies according to the type of service chosen: in the case of so-called services.

    What is the Barring?

    The barring sms Wind is the free service used to permanently block paid messages. Barring, in fact, literally means "to exclude" or "to block". Thanks to this service you can be sure that unwanted paid subscriptions will no longer show up on your mobile phone in the future.

    How to block SIM charges?

    AGCOM offers consumers, regardless of the mobile phone provider, two free ways to deactivate these services. The first is the toll-free number 800.44.22.99, always active, which you can call to deactivate the paid service that has been activated on your telephone line.

    What are unwanted premium services?

    The only services excluded from the block are those provided via SMS such as televoting, solidarity donations or political parties, banking services, mobile ticketing (for public transport or for the payment of parking lots), private postal services and those that are part of the universal postal service. .

    What are the OVAS premium services?

    Premium services, often also called VAS (value added services) or premium services, are paid entertainment services (games, videos, photos, music, etc.)

    How to disable WindTre services?

    If you want to deactivate the other WindTre paid services, know that the mechanism is almost always the same. Deactivation is always automatic and the SMS arrives on the customer's smartphone. For example, you need to type an SMS with STOP and send this message to the number 48048.

    How does the Barring fit on Vodafone?

    VODAFONE: Call 190 to request the activation of the Barring SMS service, or use the appropriate section of the official website. WIND: Call 155 or go to the appropriate section of the official portal to request the blocking of all premium services.

    How to activate blocking of Vodafone digital services?

    The first attempt to block paid VAS services on the Vodafone card is to call the Agcom toll-free number 800.44.22.99. This number is valid for any telephone operator, therefore also for Vodafone cards and subscriptions.

    How to remove Vodafone paid services?

    Vodafone customers can deactivate paid services by calling 190, the number dedicated to customers, and speaking with the call center. You can ask the operator to deactivate the service and refund the amount that has been debited from your credit or account.
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