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    What are the Tampax for virgins?

    What are the Tampax for virgins?

    What are the Tampax for virgins?

    If you are wearing the internal tampon for the first time and you are a virgin, choose the mini size, which will cause you fewer problems with insertion.

    Can a virgin who wear a tampon?

    During menstruation, the use of tampons often raises many doubts, especially in young women who may come to think that they may lose their virginity. ... So, even if you are still a virgin, there is no contraindication to using tampons.

    How do you choose tampon?

    The important thing is to choose according to your flow: if you are still not sure about the format that best suits your needs, choose the one with the lowest degree of absorbency suitable for your flow. If you feel the need to change before 4 hours, then you can try a more absorbent format (ex: from Regular to Super).

    How to put on a Tampax Mini?

    How to insert it Wash your hands and remove the wrapping of Tampax. The applicator consists of two tubes, one inserted into the other. Extend the applicator along its entire length by pulling outwards, pull the inner tube until you hear a “click”. Tampax is ready to be inserted.

    How much does a tampax super absorb?

    Number of drops (on the package)Absorbency (g of blood) *
    1 drop (light)Degree of absorbency less than 6 grams
    2 gocce (regular)Degree of absorbency: 6-9 grams
    3 drops (super)Degree of absorbency: 9-12 grams
    4 drops or more (superplus)Degree of absorbency: 12-15 grams
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