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    What are the rivers of the Aosta Valley?

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    What are the rivers of the Aosta Valley?

    What are the rivers of the Aosta Valley?

    Area3.261 Km²
    Main mountains:Mont Blanc 4.809 m Lyskamm (Monte Rosa) 4.527 m Matterhorn 4.478 m Gran Paradiso 4.061 m
    Main rivers:Dora Baltea 168 Km Buthier 40 Km Light 38 Km
    Main lakes:Place Moulin Lake (artificial) 1,76 Km² Cignana Lake (artificial) 0,72 Km² Verney Lake 0,2 Km²

    What is the hydrography of the Aosta Valley?

    Hydrography. Valle d'Aosta coincides with the upper stretch of the Dora Baltea basin, which originates from the slopes of the Mont Blanc massif and flows into the Po after a journey of about 1 of which are included in the Valle d'Aosta territory.

    When and by whom was Aosta founded?

    Aosta / Foundation Date

    Where is the population in Valle d'Aosta established?

    The distribution of the inhabitants is very irregular: more than a third is concentrated in the plaine, the plain of Aosta, and in the neighboring municipalities. A large part of the population lives in the major centers of the middle and lower valleys, while the minor valleys have become considerably depopulated, except for the main tourist centers.
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