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    What are the parts of the glasses?

    What are the parts of the glasses?

    What are the parts of the glasses?

    The main elements are:
    • Circle or ring: part of the frame that surrounds (or blocks) the lens.
    • Edge or profile: the concave part where the lens is embedded.
    • Front: part of the frame that includes the two circles, the bridge (4), the nose pieces (7) and part of the hinges (10).

    What is the spectacle frame?

    What is a frame? The frame is the “frame” of the glasses, the support on which the prescription or sun lenses are housed. ... Today there are an infinite number of frames on the market, each different, each unique, which differ in materials, shapes and sizes, colors and in the type of lens mounting.

    What is the caliber for glasses?

    The first number (in our example it is 50) indicates the width of the lens: the horizontal diameter of the lens at its widest point. It is also called caliber. ... The third number (in our example it is 145) indicates the length of the shaft, which holds the glasses firmly to the face by leaning against the ears.

    How should eyeglasses fit?

    If the root of the nose is wide, you have to opt for a wide and high bridge, otherwise the glasses will remain too high. It is good to choose a bridge size of 19 or 21mm. The glasses must fit in the upper part of the nose, in correspondence with the bony part and not at the bottom of the cartilage.

    How to position the nose pads of the glasses?

    If the glasses are too high, just widen the nose pads with the help of your fingers (the nose pads move easily), thus making them slide gently downwards. On the contrary, by tightening the nose pads, the glasses will rise in the upper part of the face.

    How to bend the temples of the glasses?

    Observe the temples If not, you need to bend the temples gently. You must pry in the area where the metal of the shaft rests on the rim of the frame. If the glasses are made of plastic you have to heat the same area with the hair dryer and fold when the material gets hot.

    How to straighten the stem of the glasses?

    In case of intervention on plastic glasses, we should always heat the same area (intersection between the final part of the rod and the rim of the frame) with a hairdryer and bend gently as soon as you notice that the material is slightly warm and so ready for adjustment.
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