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    What are the names of my cousins' children?

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    What are the names of my cousins' children?

    What are the names of my cousins' children?

    In common parlance, second cousins ​​are defined as the children of two cousins. ... In common parlance, second cousins ​​are defined as the children of two cousins.

    What is the degree of kinship between the children of first cousins?

    Those who in common parlance are first cousins ​​(as children of siblings) are by law collateral relatives of the fourth degree.

    What is the name of my cousin's girlfriend?

    This means that, taking up the examples given above, my cousin's wife (who is my fourth degree relative) is my fourth degree kindred and that my brother's wife, that is my sister-in-law, is my second degree kindred and etc. Finally, let's keep in mind that the kindreds are not similar to each other ...

    What are the second degree grandchildren?

    Uncle and nephew, on the other hand, are relatives in the collateral line of the second degree: in this case it is necessary to "go up" from the nephew to the common jamb (the grandfather) and then from these "go down" towards his son (the uncle), counting all the degrees (3) and subtracting a unit corresponding to the jamb.

    How are cousins ​​calculated?

    In fact, following the path outlined above, we meet in order a cousin, the father of the cousin, the grandfather of both cousins, the son of the grandfather (and father of the other cousin), finally the other cousin: five people in all ; deducting one unit we have four, which coincides with the fourth degree of kinship.

    What does cousin mean?

    cousin sm (f. ... consobrinus "cousin"]. - 1. Son of the uncle or aunt, as mutual degree of kinship: we are c .; c.

    What are my cousin's children to me?

    Normally the son of a first cousin calls the first cousin of his father or his mother uncle (aunt), precisely out of an understandable respect for the "generational" leap.

    What degree of kinship do I have with my cousin's wife?

    - uncle of the husband with respect to his wife (the uncle is a third degree relative to the husband-nephew), aunt of the wife with respect to the husband, etc. degree).

    What is the name of your son's wife?

    [nuò-ra] sf

    Who are the kindred within the 2nd degree?

    AFFINITY It is the bond that unites a spouse and the relatives of the other spouse. ... To establish the degree of affinity, the degree of kinship with which the kinship is linked to the spouse is taken into account; so mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are related in the first degree; the brothers-in-law are kindred in the second degree, etc.

    Who are the first and second degree relatives?

    The degrees are counted by calculating the persons and removing the jamb: between father and son there is first degree kinship; between siblings there is second degree kinship (son, father, son = 3; 3 - 1 = 2); between grandfather and grandson, second degree kinship (grandfather, father, son = 3; 3 - 1 = 2); between cousins ​​fourth degree kinship ...

    How are the relatives calculated?

    The degrees of affinity in summary
    1. 1st degree: in-laws and daughter-in-law / son-in-law;
    2. 2nd degree: grandparents and wife of the grandson, spouse and brother / sister of the other spouse;
    3. 3rd degree: great-grandparents of the spouse, uncles of the spouse, the children of the brother-in-law or sister-in-law;
    4. 4th degree: the cousins ​​of the spouse.

    How do you spell cousin?

    It is spelled CUGINO, with only one G.

    What is cousin in grammar analysis?

    The term cousin generally indicates the son of the uncles; in this case the relationship is called first cousin. In the case of the children of the parents' cousins, this is referred to as a second cousin.

    What is my father's uncle to me?

    A singenionimo is basically an abbreviation that indicates the relationship of kinship with respect to a person, such as "grandfather" (the father of his father), "grandson" (the son of the son), "uncle" (the brother of the father ), "2nd cousin", "mother-in-law" etc.

    Who is the great-aunt?

    - Uncle of father or mother. / pro'tsio / sm [der. ... - [uncle of father or mother] ≈ ⇑ uncle.
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