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    What are the colors of the new Panda?

    What are the colors of the new Panda?

    What are the colors of the new Panda?

    Fiat Panda: body colors The body colors are 3 pastels, white, red extra series and black extra series with interiors characterized by: Motif for the “Easy Tricot” seat fabrics in the dark gray / red color combination. Dashboard band available in Anthracite color.

    What does the new Panda cost?

    13.900 euros As regards prices, however, the Panda Hybrid is offered at 13.900 euros, the Panda Hybrid City Life for 14.700 euros, the Panda Hybrid Sport for 15.500 euros, the Panda Hybrid City Cross for 16.300 euros and the Panda Hybrid Cross for 17.100 euros.

    How big is the new Panda?

    The dimensions of the Fiat Panda 2021 do not change compared to the past and are confirmed as those of the segment A city car, useful for moving around the city with ease; the length of the Panda 2021 is 3,65 meters, the width of 1,64 meters (1,88 with mirrors open) and the height is 1,55 meters.

    How much does a new petrol-powered Fiat Panda cost?

    FIAT Panda Life Petrol
    FIAT Panda Life PetrolPrice (euro)Speed ​​(km / h)
    Panda Life 0.9 TwinAir Turbo 85cv Wild 4x417.800163

    How's the new Panda doing?

    It is agile and has precise steering, but the soft suspension makes it unsuitable for sporty driving; fluid and not very thirsty the 1.2 petrol engine, the gearbox can be improved. The price looks attractive, but accessories have to be taken into account, and Easy also charges air conditioning separately.

    How much does the new Fiat Panda 2021 cost?

    After a 2020 as a protagonist, Fiat Panda 2021 has an attack price of 13.900 euros for the Panda Life, while the new Panda Sport starts from a list of 15.650 euros, which rises to 16.450 euros for the Panda Cross. 17.200 euros the cost of the CNG Panda while the 4 × 4 versions start at 17.350 euros.

    What will the Panda of the future be like?

    Compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto confirmed. Turning to technical information, the car will have an autonomy of about 100 km; to increase the distance, you can add up to 3 additional batteries, to have up to 400/500 kilometers of total autonomy.

    How much does a car with eco-bonus cost?

    With the new round of incentives there are also concessions dedicated to those with an Isee income of less than 30.000 euros. They can buy a new electric car, as long as with a list price not exceeding 30.000 euros plus VAT (36.600 euros including VAT), with a 40% discount.

    How much does the new Panda 1200 petrol cost?

    More videos on YouTube
    Technical Sheet
    Power suppliesPetrol / hybrid / methane
    ClassEuro 6 D – Temp
    Cv/kW (da)70/51
    Price (from)13.900 €
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