What are M1 category cars?

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What are M1 category cars?

What are M1 category cars?

Category M1: Vehicles designed and built for the carriage of persons, having a maximum of eight seats in addition to the driver's seat. Category M2: Vehicles designed and built for the transport of persons, having more than eight seats in addition to the driver's seat and a maximum mass not exceeding 5 t.

What are special N1 and M1 vehicles?

Category M1Category N1 and M1 special
Ecobonus contributionContribution L. Budget 2021
brand newbrand newbrand new
produce CO2 emissions not exceeding 60 g / kmproduce CO2 emissions not exceeding 135 g / kmTotal mass on land not exceeding 3,5 t

What are Category L vehicles?

This category includes mopeds and motorcycles, four-wheeled off-road motorcycles (quads) and other small motor vehicles with three or four wheels. Within the L category, motorcycles are divided into two groups: those with and without sidecar.

What does M1 mean?

The restricted monetary aggregate (M1) includes banknotes and coins in circulation (currency, ➔) and financial assets that can play the role of means of payment, i.e. current account deposits (bank and post office).

What are the vehicles of category L 01 02?

Category L1 includes all two-wheeled vehicles with the following characteristics: engine displacement not exceeding 50 cc and maximum construction speed not exceeding 50 km / h. These are commonly referred to as 'mopeds', capable of reaching modest speeds.

What are M vehicles?

Motor vehicles designed and built for the transport of people and having at least four wheels are part of the M vehicle category. They belong to this class: buses, electric buses or hydrogen buses, vans, campers or even cars.

Which bikes are included in the eco-bonus?

The Ecobonus 2021 is aimed at all those who will purchase "category L mopeds and motorcycles: two, three or four-wheeled vehicles, belonging to categories L1e, L2e, L3e, L4e, L5e, L6e and L7e without power limits" .
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