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    What are Ghost-type Pokémon?

    What are Ghost-type Pokémon?

    What are Ghost-type Pokémon?

    Ghost-type Pokémon
    • gastly. spectropoison.
    • haunter. spectropoison.
    • gengar. spectropoison.
    • misdreavus. spectrum.
    • shedinja. beetle specter.
    • sableye. buiospettro.
    • shuppet. spectrum.
    • banette. spectrum.

    How many Fire-type Pokémon are there?

    There are a total of 77 Fire-type Pokémon (8.5% of the existing ones), also considering Mega Evolutions and alternative forms that get this type.

    What kind of Pokémon beats battle-types?

    In defense, Pokémon of this type have pros and cons: while on the one hand they have key resistances to the Dark and Rock types (and therefore also to the common Rock Levitator), on the other hand they are weak against the common Flying and Fairy types, and at the less common Psychic.

    What are Fire-type Pokémon called?

    The Sizzlipede and Centiskorch instead generate heat and flames through flammable gases that they store in the body and burn it inside. Heatran is very different than other Fire Pokémon in that the combustion chamber is actually the entire body.

    What is the Fairy type weak to?

    The Fairy type is probably one of the best defensive types. It is resistant to Dark, Fighting, and Bug types. ... In addition, some Fairy Pokémon have a double type that protects them from their weaknesses namely Electric, Water, Rock and Steel.
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