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    What are example stanzas?

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    What are example stanzas?

    What are example stanzas?

    The verse or stanzas (from the Greek strofé, “turn, vault of the choir”) indicates a set of lines identified by a fixed structure, characterized by a rhythmic nature or by the presence of a recurring rhyming pattern.

    How are the rhymes of the nursery rhyme?

    The most common types are the kissed rhyme (AABB), which occurs when the lines rhyme in pairs, the alternate rhyme (ABAB), when the rhyme alternates, the crossed rhyme (ABBA), when the first line rhymes with the fourth and second rhyme with the third and the chained rhyme (ABA BCB CDC), which is when in a ...

    What are the lines of a nursery rhyme?

    "The verse is the basic metric unit for poetry, both from a rhythmic and a purely visual point of view. ... In the scholastic metric, it consists of a succession of syllables structured according to certain rules (based on their number, of the tonic and unstressed syllables, and the position of the accents). "
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