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    What are black dots on the testicles?

    What are black dots on the testicles?

    What are black dots on the testicles?

    Angiokeratomas of the scrotum (also called Fordyce angiokeratomas, named after the American dermatologist who in 1896 first described this clinical picture) are asymptomatic dome-shaped papules, varying in color from red to blue to black, with a slightly scaly (hyperkeratotic) surface , of the ...

    What are angiokeratomas?

    What is that? It is a skin alteration of vascular origin with benign behavior. The origin is linked to the dilation of small vessels located in the dermis "the support mattress of the skin".

    What does the scrotal pouch contain?

    Belonging to the male genital system, the scrotum houses the testicles, allowing the production and storage of spermatozoa to take place at temperatures below that of the body.

    How are angiokeratomas treated?

    After trauma, Fordyce angiokeratomas can bleed as they are vascular formations. Treatment is generally not necessary and in some cases liquid nitrogen cryotherapy and diathermy can be helpful.

    How to cure Fordyce angiokeratomas?

    Topical treatment: Fordyce granules can also be removed using topical treatments, such as topical tretinoin, oral isotretinoin, and bichloracetic acid. These topical treatments may be recommended by doctors along with laser treatments.
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