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    What are amorphous phosphates in urine?

    What are amorphous phosphates in urine?

    What are amorphous phosphates in urine?

    General Amorphous urates are microscopic crystals that can be found in urine. The presence of these crystals in amorphous form indicates that the body is unable to properly dissociate uric acid, with a consequent risk of uric stones, gout and gouty attacks.

    What are triple phosphate crystals in urine?

    Alkaline urine Triple phosphate crystals: this is the accepted designation for the magnesium ammonium phosphate crystal. It is found in the presence of alkaline or neutral urine and is relatively frequent. They are prisms with three to six faces that frequently have oblique ends (coffin lid).

    How to get rid of calcium oxalate crystals in the urine?

    Medicines for the treatment of calcium oxalate stones
    1. thiazide diuretics (e.g. ...
    2. alkalizing agents: citrates inhibit the formation and growth of calcium crystals; in general, potassium citrate is preferred, since sodium citrate could promote hypercalciuria.

    What does phosphates mean?

    phosphate sm [der. of phosph (oric), with the suffix chem. ... phosphate]. - In chemistry, salt or ester of phosphoric acid.

    What is the mineral phosphate used for?

    Phosphorus performs numerous functions in the organism: As tricalcium phosphate and hydroxyapatite it is a constituent of the mineral fraction of bones and teeth; Forms high-energy bonds, such as those present in ATP and phosphocreatine (forms of chemical energy storage);
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