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    What am I telling you to quote?

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    What am I telling you to quote?

    What am I telling you to quote?

    The famous phrase “Ma che Te lo Dico a fare” which has been translated from English Forget About It which sounds a bit like “forget it” and has been included among the 100 most important quotes of American cinema.

    What do I tell you to do in English film?

    Forget about it "What I tell you to do" In English it is "Forget about it" ("forget it", literally, but the interlayer can also mean "pretend I haven't told you anything" or "don't think about it" or still "no problem").

    How does the Donnie Brasco movie end?

    At the end of the film Joe Pistone as Donnie Brasco feels great remorse because when his undercover action is discovered, the mafia family sentences Lefty to death. Actually the FBI agent never felt this feeling, but he was always very cold.

    What happens to Lefty in Donnie Brasco?

    Al Pacino in the film, after Donnie Brasco basically denounced the clan, dresses up to meet his death, but in reality "Lefty" was arrested by the FBI not only for his crimes, but also to thwart the death sentence which obviously he too had on his head, after having confided for years with the ...
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