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    What Alberto Tinarelli?

    What Alberto Tinarelli?

    What Alberto Tinarelli?

    Alberto Tinarelli is the new husband of Nicoletta Mantovani. In his life he works as a financial consultant, employed in Bologna as a manager of a primary service company. He lives in Bologna with Nicoletta, the birthplace of Pavarotti's widow.

    Who is Nicoletta Mantovani's next husband?

    Alberto Tinarelli is 52 years old. Nicoletta Mantovani's new husband does not work in the entertainment world, but is a financial consultant who works in the Emilian capital in a service company.

    How old is Nicoletta Mantovani's current husband?

    Alberto Tinarelli is 52 years old, he lives in Bologna, the same city where his new wife lives. He is not a well-known character in the entertainment world.

    Who married Nicoletta Mantovani?

    Luciano Pavarottis. 2003–2007 Nicoletta Mantovani / Spouse

    Who married Pavarotti's widow?

    Nicoletta Mantovani Nicoletta Mantovani, widow of Luciano Pavarotti, married Alberto Tinarelli: the romantic wedding in Bologna. Nicoletta Mantovani, the widow of Luciano Pavarotti, got married. The manager has sworn eternal love to Alberto Tinarelli, her new partner.

    When was Alberto Tinarelli born?

    Alberto Tinarelli was born in 1968 and is a financial consultant and company manager from Bologna. Not being a character who belongs to the world of entertainment, we don't have much information about him.
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