What accident did Marco Giallini have?

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What accident did Marco Giallini have?

What accident did Marco Giallini have?

It was November Marco was aboard his motorcycle, when a car in front of him touches the bumper of a truck and overturns, tries to avoid the car but two seconds later the blow arrives. The actor stated that in that moment he saw death before his eyes, he saw his whole life pass on.

When does Rocco Schiavone 4 start?

The broadcast of Rocco Schiavone 4 was initially scheduled for autumn 2020 and then postponed to spring 2021.

When is the Lebanese killed?

This is why the men of the Magliana decided to kill him: on February 2, 1990, while he was on board his scooter, headed home, Renatino was joined by a motorcycle. On board two killers hired to kill him fired a shot in the back.

When does the next Schiavone come out?

When does Rocco Schiavone 5 come out on Rai 2? It is still early to know the release date, but new episodes are expected for autumn 2022 according to the statements of Antonio Manzini, the author of the books in an interview with Ansa in Rome on the occasion of Libri Come - Festa of the Book and of Reading.
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