May God help us Mattia Whose son is he?

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May God help us Mattia Whose son is he?

May God help us Mattia Whose son is he?

Asia observes the scene and shortly after introduces a small guest to Nico, Mattia. The child is 5 years old and he is the son of the lawyer: he will have to take care of it, since Asia has decided to leave with her new boyfriend.

God help us blue boyfriend?

Raniero Monaco di Lapio's girlfriend.

God help us azure has a son?

Olimpia Noviello, 10, new entry in the series broadcast on Raiuno, plays little Penny, a guest in the convent of Sister Angela (Elena Sofia Ricci) and lovingly cared for by Azzurra (Francesca Chillemi).

May God help us 3 characters?

May God help us 3: here are old and new protagonists
  • SISTER ANGELA (Elena Sofia Ricci) ...
  • SISTER COSTANZA (Valeria Fabrizi) ...
  • AZZURRA LEONARDI (Francesca Chillemi) ...
  • GUIDO COURSES (Linen Pillow) ...
  • MARGHERITA MORBIDELLI (Miriam Dalmazio) ...
  • NINA CRISTALDI (Laura Glavan) ...
  • ROSA FRANCINI (Neva Leoni) ...
  • ACHILLE GENTILESCHI (Ivano Marescotti)

God help us 6 cast Geneva?

Simonetta Columbu is the name of the Geneva interpreter of Che Dio Aiuti 6, one of the most popular characters of this last season of the Rai 1 fiction. Here is everything we know about the splendid actress born in '93, originally from Sardinia.

God help the cast?

May God Help Us 6 cast: actors and characters
  • New Entry.
  • Erasmo Genzini. Erasmus.
  • Pierpaolo Spollon. Emiliano Stiffi.
  • Isabella Mottinelli. Carolina.
  • Luigi Diberti. First.
  • Irene Ferri. Elisa.
  • Olimpia Noviello. Penelope.
  • Complete the Cast.

May God help us 6 To whom is it dedicated?

We had the best, the unique piece, the talent that happens once in a generation ”. The series is dedicated to her: at the end of the first episode we read the dedication “Alla nostra Saretta”.

May God help us 3 interpreters?

Sofia Panizzi - Alice. Davide Silvestri - Gregorio Taddeucci. Andrès Gil - Carlo Romero.

God Help Us 3 Episode 9 cast?

  • Elena Sofia Ricci Sister Angela.
  • Miriam Dalmazio Margherita Morbidelli.
  • Francesca Chillemi Azzurra Leonardi.
  • Valeria Fabrizi Sister Costanza.
  • Andrès Gil Dr. Carlo Romero.
  • Cesare Kristian Favoino Davide Corsi.
  • Davide Silvestri Prof. Gregorio Taddeucci.
  • Ivano Marescotti Achille Gentileschi.

May God help us 6 get married Nico and Ginevra?

After facing a period of crisis due to Geneva's attraction to Erasmus, the couple seems ready to get married and say the fateful yes.

May God help us Ginevra Alberti?

Ginevra Alberti (season 5-ongoing), played by Simonetta Columbu. She is a novice, a guest in Sister Angela's convent, very rigid, but also very, perhaps too much, naive and completely outside the real world.

When comes out May God help us 6?

After the success of the fifth season, May God help us 6 is back on Rai Uno from Thursday 7 January 2021.

God Help Us Season 1 cast?

  • Elena Sofia Ricci: Sister Angela.
  • Valeria Fabrizi: Sister Costanza.
  • Francesca Chillemi: Azzurra Leonardi.
  • Miriam Dalmazio: Margherita Morbidelli.
  • Serena Rossi: Giulia Sabatini.
  • Massimo Poggio: Marco Ferrari.
  • Laura Gaia Piacentile: Cecilia Sabatini.
  • Linen Pillow: Guido Corsi.
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