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    May God help us February 18, 2021?

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    May God help us February 18, 2021?

    May God help us February 18, 2021?

    The eighth episode of May God Help us 18 will be broadcast on Thursday 2021 February 21 at 25:1 on Rai6, with episodes 15 and 16. As we know by now, the Convent of the Angels has moved to Assisi, the city where the father of Sister Angela, always played by the irreplaceable Elena Sofia Ricci.

    May God help us 6 plot last episode?

    Erasmus does not seem to be scratched by the truth about Primo, while Sister Angela does not give a reason: she is convinced that he is hiding something. And the boy actually has a plan. The wedding day of Nico and Ginevra has arrived, but a thousand unforeseen events and surprises risk blowing up the ceremony.

    How Does God Help Us End 6?

    At the end of the sixth season, Erasmus and Sister Angela finally discover that they are brother and sister. The boy also gives a kidney to Primo, the father he never met, but without knowing that the latter was perfectly aware of having a son.

    May God help us 6 Are Nico and Ginevra getting married?

    After facing a period of crisis due to Geneva's attraction to Erasmus, the couple seems ready to get married and say the fateful yes.

    May God help us 6 eighth episode summary?

    Ginevra (Simonetta Columbu) returns to the convent, but it is not a peaceful return: she has in fact decided to leave Nico (Gianmarco Saurino), with whom she was to marry. The boy, however, does not want to give up. In fact, she wants to win back the ex novice at all costs and make her change her mind.

    God help us 6 full cast?

    May God Help Us 6 cast: actors and characters
    • New Entry.
    • Erasmo Genzini. Erasmus.
    • Pierpaolo Spollon. Emiliano Stiffi.
    • Isabella Mottinelli. Carolina.
    • Luigi Diberti. First.
    • Irene Ferri. Elisa.
    • Olimpia Noviello. Penelope.
    • Complete the Cast.

    God help us 6 Is Monica back?

    This sixth season of Rai Uno's fiction May God help us 6 marks the return of Diana Del Bufalo in the role of Monica, an ironic character but also this year struggling with dramatic situations and some amorous turmoil.

    May God help us 2021 replies?

    This summer on Rai Premium will restart the reruns of Che Dio ci Aiuti. The first appointment is for tomorrow 9 June 2021. The first series will start with 2 episodes a day from Monday to Friday at 17pm.

    God help us 6 Geneva and Nico break up?

    Skip the wedding of Nico and Ginevra in the last episode of Che Dio Aiuti 6: the two break up for Monica and Erasmo.
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