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    How to write to UniCredit?

    How to write to UniCredit?

    How to write to UniCredit?

    In case you need to send a complaint to Unicredit, you can do it by post by writing to Unicredit - Customer Satisfaction and Claims Italy - Via Del Lavoro 7 Bologna.

    How to contact my UniCredit branch?

    Call the Free Number 800.57.57.57 from a landline or mobile phone and you are already in the Bank. The telephone bank uses automated answering systems and operators.

    What is UniCredit mail box?

    UniCredit Digital Mail Box To sign, receive and consult your documents online. From the Mobile Banking and Internet Banking App, you have control over the balances and movements of your payment accounts, accessible online, at other authorized banks and authorized payment institutions.

    How to get the average balance of a Unicredit current account?

    How to download Unicredit media stock:
    1. Log in to the UniCredit Customer Area.
    2. Click on the link with your name and surname (Profile)
    3. In the menu click on "Documents"
    4. Go to the document in PDF format with the last bank statement as of 31/12.
    5. Inside you should identify the average annual stock.

    What is a digital mail box?

    A SAFE AND DIGITAL AREA FOR YOUR DOCUMENTS from a single protected environment - contracts, signed documents and bank communications.

    How to unblock UniCredit ecommerce payments?

    More specifically you will have to go to the cards section, you will have to select your credit card and you will have to go to the settings by clicking on the gear. From there you can finally Unblock the unicredit card for online purchases.

    How is the average balance of an account calculated?

    By average annual stock we mean the average amount of the sums in credit of the customer in a given period compared to one year. The calculation of the annual average stock is determined by dividing the sum of the daily stocks by 365, regardless of the number of days in which the deposit / account is active.

    How to request the average balance from the bank?

    In particular, in order to obtain the average stock, it is sufficient to take all the bank or postal account statements relating to the reference year. For each statement, it will be sufficient to identify the total credit numbers, after which add them and divide them by 365.
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