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    How to wear a wedding stole?

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    How to wear a wedding stole?

    How to wear a wedding stole?

    Then there are the "ceremonial" modes: place the stole in the center behind the neck, pass the two flaps under the arms and tie them with a knot behind the back: this method is ideal for covering the shoulders in church but also to shelter from the fresh air, typical of the spring season.

    How to choose stole?

    How to choose the stole The fabric is very important, the lighter and more impalpable it is, the greater the glamorous and chic effect. Opting for a stole with a delicate color is the perfect way to obtain a classy and refined result.

    How to choose shrugs?

    It is important to choose the shrug also based on our build, as for everything concerning our look we must try to camouflage the flaws and bring out our strengths. For example, those with large arms should try to avoid wearing a tight-fitting garment that highlights them.

    How long should a stole be?

    180 cm The stole is usually a little larger than the scarf, the length will therefore be between 1 cm, while the width will be between 40 and 50 cm.

    When is the stole used?

    The stole is a liturgical vestment used by bishops, presbyters and deacons of the Catholic Church and other Christian communities of Western tradition (such as Anglican and Old Catholic churches).

    How to fix the stole of a long dress?

    Open the stole and place the center point on your neck, on the front, just under the chin; You will have to position the two garments backwards, taking care to cover the shoulders; This way the final flaps will flutter softly along the dress making your look almost regal.

    How long should a crochet stole measure?

    The measures of the stole The stole is usually a little bigger than the scarf, the length will therefore be between 1 cm, while the width will be between 40 and 50 cm.

    What are the measurements of a shawl?

    201; 3,5 or 4 mm crochet hook. Approximate measurements: 152cm x 65cm.

    How to use a stole on a formal dress?

    Wear a stole over a sober dress
    1. It will be enough to pass it around the shoulders and tie it in a knuckle on the front in a slightly lateral position, just under the shoulder;
    2. The stole, in this case, can be dipped with the dress or in contrast for a more fun and youthful effect.

    What to wear on a long formal dress?

    What to put on a long dress?
    • A maxi coat. Photo: Getty Images.
    • Un cardigan oversize. Photo: Getty Images.
    • A leather jacket. Photo: Getty Images.
    • A denim jacket. Photo: Getty Images.
    • And blazer chic. Photo: Getty Images.
    • A stole (or nothing) Photo: Getty Images.
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