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    How to wash watermelon in pregnancy?

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    How to wash watermelon in pregnancy?

    How to wash watermelon in pregnancy?

    Fruits and vegetables should be washed with water and bicarbonate immediately before consuming them: therefore they should not be placed in the refrigerator after washing them and should not be left to soak for a long time.

    How to eat figs when pregnant?

    distinct to cure cough during pregnancy will be figs boiled in milk. figs very good help and various colds, as well as, with loss of strength. The pulp is a wonderful antipyretic fig. When arrhythmias and anemia eating figs will help you solve these problems.

    How to wash watermelon?

    Cleaning the watermelon First, clean the skin of the watermelon underneath with a damp cloth to remove any traces of soil. Dry the peel and equip yourself with a fairly large and sharp knife (there are special knives just for watermelon).
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