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    How to view BNL statement?

    How to view BNL statement?

    How to view BNL statement?

    Yes, just access the reserved area with your Customer Code and PIN and enter the section MY PROFILE AND MY DOCUMENTS> ONLINE DOCUMENTS> COMPANY CREDIT CARDS. Enter the OTP and select the reference period to view the card statement.

    Where can I find BNL average stock?

    How to see the average balance through BNL Home Banking Among the various sheets of the account statement sent, you will then find that of the scaled summary. At the end of the sheet you will therefore be able to see the average annual stock.

    Where can you see the average current account balance?

    The average balance of the previous year is shown in each account statement in a dedicated box immediately after the "Details of current account movements". If you have activated online reporting and receive the documents in electronic format, you can find the account statements in the ARCHIVE - DOCUMENTS section of the online bank.

    How to get the average balance from the bank?

    In particular, in order to obtain the average stock, it is sufficient to take all the bank or postal account statements relating to the reference year. For each statement, it will be sufficient to identify the total credit numbers, after which add them and divide them by 365.
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