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    How to validate scratch cards manually?

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    How to validate scratch cards manually?

    How to validate scratch cards manually?

    Through the My Lotteries App you can check your scratch card win directly from your smartphone: just click on “Check Ticket” and scan the code in the scratch area of ​​the ticket.

    How long are scratch cards kept?

    three months How long must paid winning tickets be kept? For three months from the validation date for low-end (up to 500 Euros) and medium (up to 10.000 Euros) tickets.

    How long does the state hold back on Scratch and Win winnings?

    Among the new taxes is the tightening on games: from next March 1st, the 20% withdrawal on winnings over 500 euros is triggered. The expected revenue for the state coffers is approximately 308 million. The tax also applies to instant lottery winnings such as scratch cards.

    How does the sale of scratch cards work?

    The sale of tickets is reserved to authorized points of sale, which can include lottery offices, tobacconists, motorway service areas, bars, newsstands and other categories. The retailer premium is 8% of the sale price of each ticket.

    How to find out scratch card by barcode?

    With the Giochi24 App it is very easy to check if you have won. Just Open the App, frame the barcode. It is the App that immediately checks the Scratch and Win and verifies the winnings and after a few seconds you immediately know if you have won.
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