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    How to use holiday bonuses on Airbnb?

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    How to use holiday bonuses on Airbnb?

    How to use holiday bonuses on Airbnb?

    Having obtained the holiday bonus, the guest can proceed as follows:
    1. Do a search on Airbnb of the structures used to accept the holiday bonus, therefore the B & Bs, farmhouses, hotels or tourism businesses;
    2. Contact the host of interest, ask if they accept the holiday bonus;

    How to use the holiday voucher?

    How to use? The bonus is paid out exclusively in digital format and must be spent at the time of payment at the hotel. 80% of the bonus value is obtained as a discount on the amount due, the remaining 20% ​​is recovered as a tax deduction in the 2021 tax return.

    How to pay with holiday bonuses on booking?

    The only solution, in this case, remains to book through Booking and pay directly at the hotel, then ask for the application of the discount (if the structure accepts it, because not all of them do).

    Who accepts Fasano holiday bonuses?

    • Bed & Breakfast. Masseria Chiancarella. Fasano (BR) Area countryside. ...
    • Farmhouse. Masseria San Martino. ...
    • Holiday home. Torre Canne Holiday Homes. ...
    • Residence. Residence Atlantide. ...
    • Guest houses. Welcome. ...
    • Bed & Breakfast. Margherita B&B. ...
    • Bed & Breakfast. Loggia Dei Lezzi. ...
    • Farmhouse. The House Of The Birds.
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