How to unsubscribe from StarzPlay?

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How to unsubscribe from StarzPlay?

How to unsubscribe from StarzPlay?

Canceling your Starzplay subscription is a very quick and easy operation. Just log in, go to the "Account Management" page of the service and follow the on-screen instructions to unsubscribe.

How to see Starz Play on TV?

You can do it from any device such as smartphone, tablet, smart TV or PC. At this point you will have to select the item Channels. Here a section dedicated to all the new Prime Video content will open, and just find the section dedicated to StarzPlay on the page.

How to rent on Rakuten Tv?

Rent or buy on Rakuten TV Once you have found the content you want to see, click on the cover image and select the "Watch Now" option. Finally, choose the "Rent" item to rent the content in question, or the "Buy" option of Rakuten TV.
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